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Francisca Epale

A Brief Summary of the Book

The Naked Educator: How to Survive in the Middle Kingdom is an informative guidebook for expatriate educators (teachers, facilitators, teacher-trainers, instructors, principals, career counselors, dean of students, international teacher recruiters, and college and university graduates) in their gap year from the so-called English native-speaking countries (USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand) who are planning to teach English in the People’s Republic of China.

The book consists of the dos and don’ts of Chinese norms and mores, through the lens of an expatriate, to make life more enjoyable in a strange land where one might not speak the language nor understand the culture.

The author had two medical emergencies–one of which was near fatal. She would not want anyone to undergo these experiences.

Before leaving China, there is a pre-departure check list which she highly recommends. She made a huge error which put her in a very unusual situation before leaving for China. Francisca was the “Naked Educator” for she entered China innocent and naïve, like a newborn baby from her mother’s womb, unaware of the intriguing Chinese culture.

According to her, it is a character-building country. If you can live in China, you can live in any country in the world!

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Personal Disclaimer

“My book, The Naked Educator: How to Survive in the Middle Kingdom, consists of some suggestions on how to survive in the Middle Kingdom from my point of view. If I have offended anyone in anyway, it is not intentional. This is merely my own personal story. This information was mostly derived from observation, speaking and asking questions from Chinese students and colleagues, as well as through reading. Also, one of the expatriates I met, who has lived in China for sixteen years, shared many ideas with me.
If you decide to go and teach English in the Middle Kingdom, you may or may not experience what I went through in my one year journey from October 2014 to October 2015, in the most populated country, the People’s Republic of China.”

About the Author

Francisca Epale comes from a transcultural background. Her father, the late Dr. Simon Joseph Epale (DPhil Oxford), originated from Cameroon, while her mother, late Tessa Eunice Epale came from Jamaica. A bilingual educator by profession, she has taught English as a second language and French at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Her contributions are drawn directly from more than 20 years of teaching junior/high schools, colleges, universities, and language schools in the United States of America, Canada, and China. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in French from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, USA; a Master of Arts degree in Teaching from Minnesota State University, USA; and has received many certificates, such as the Triple Crown designation from Toastmasters (which means she completed three education awards in the same year: CL- Competent Leader; ACB- Advanced Communication Bronze and ALB- Advanced Leadership Bronze) and TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) certification with a specialization in Business English. With much interest in personal development, she graduated from the Landmark Forum as well as My Dreams Work, Inc.
She is currently an accredited community French interpreter and has been selected to appear on MCIS (Multicultural Community and Interpreter Services) newsletter under the rubric of interpreter success stories both held in Toronto, Canada. As an independent certified John Maxwell coach, teacher, and speaker, she is available for leadership training, lunch and learns, and speaking engagements. For more information please visit The areas she enjoys speaking about are: leadership, teaching English abroad, and personal development; and her niches are educators, women in leadership, and network marketing entrepreneurs.

Writing Background

The Naked Educator is Francisca’s first book. However, she has written nine poems entitled: Life, Work, Love, Beauty, Education, Puberty, Fear, War, and Death. Additional writing includes three blog posts: The ABC’S of Toastmasters, Skills Acquired from Membership in Toastmasters, and A Memorable Way of Making Introductions at Networking Events. Her Master’s degree thesis was on Language Teaching Problems in a Multilingual and Multicultural Community: The Case of the Republic of Cameroon.
Francisca is a columnist for the African Immigrant magazine (Canada's premier African magazine). She has been featured in l’ Express, a French newspaper in Toronto.
The author is a member of Kingdom Speakers Toastmasters Association. Her interests include writing, aqua fit, brisk walking, and traveling.

Key Career Accomplishments

  • Award-winning Author of the book, The Naked Educator: How to Survive in the Middle Kingdom

  • Featured in the MCIS (Multicultural Community Interpreter Services) newsletter under Interpreter Success stories distributed to 10,000 subscribers

  • John Maxwell Certified Coach, teacher, and speaker

  • Fluently Bilingual in English and French

  • Received a service award pin from Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning after teaching 10 consecutive semesters

  • Started and pioneered a college Toastmasters club in English for 25 French-speaking students where she served as a mentor and Vice President of Education for two consecutive years from 2010-2012.

  • Conference Presenter at the 39th Annual TESL conference - Thought-Provoking Activity for Language Learners.

  • Conference Presenter at the 33rd Annual TESL conference - Making Yourself Marketable: A Teaching Portfolio

Personal and Professional Development

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Get in touch with the author, Francisca Epale, by calling the contact number featured on this website. If you have questions or require further clarification about this informative guidebook for expatriate educators, feel free to ask. Francisca will be happy to address all your concerns. We hope to hear from you soon!

The Naked Educator: How to Survive in the Middle Kingdom

Francisca Epale, Author