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We have compiled some book reviews from the readers of The Naked Educator: How to Survive in the Middle Kingdom by Francisca Epale. Read what important figures from Toronto, Canada and beyond have to say about the book and its insights on the expatriate educator experience. If you have questions or comments, don’t hesitate to give us a call using the phone number listed on this website.

“This book is loaded with great information and good ideas that you use immediately to survive and thrive in China.”

BrIAn Tracy

International Motivational Speaker


"The Naked Educator: How to Survive in the Middle Kingdom is a must-read for those planning to teach in China. As an educator myself who has been to China several times for business and education projects and have also trained Chinese teachers in professional development programs, I can totally relate to the personal stories interwoven with humor as the culture and lifestyle is well illustrated. The book is informative, educational, and thought-provoking!”

Jim Pellegrini, B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed., Ph.D.

TESOL Instructor

Director of Eastern Canada Operations and International Development

Global TESOL College - Toronto Head Office

“This must-read book offers cogent, practical, and pertinent answers to the critical questions pertaining to living in the Middle Kingdom, China, as an expatriate English teacher. Francisca’s compelling experiences invariably, provide a guide for every prospective English teacher or visitor to China. She passionately discusses the abundant cultural nuances, norms, and practices, to enable visitors avoid mistakes and minimize risk while optimizing the experience of visiting or living in one of the most culturally diverse countries on the face of the planet.”

Professor Philip Alalibo

Faculty of General Education & Liberal Studies, Centennial College, Toronto, Canada
Author of “A Sahara Voice: Poems from the Heart of Africa.” 

“A simply fascinating and captivating account of life in China from the perspective of a Canadian expatriate English teacher.”

African Immigrant Magazine

Canada’s Premier African Magazine

The Naked Educator: How to Survive in the Middle Kingdom by Francisca Epale sincerely catapulted me into a flashback of nostalgic experiences as I sojourned in the Middle Kingdom myself as a medical student. I relived and empathized with every incident in this amazing survival kit in the middle kingdom from an educator’s point of view. Faith indeed is an empowering ingredient to go through such a different world.

Over my six years in China, I had toughened up and built up my survival box, but I wish I were prepared through this concise and clear book. This precious information would have helped me avoid some of the challenges I faced.

Today Francisca Epale through her courage offers us a chance to be prepared and informed about The Middle Kingdom.

I strongly recommend this book to anyone with the intention of going to China as an expatriate for a long or short term to arm themselves with this gem and make their experience unique and worth it.”

Dr. Nina Capo-Chichi

General Practitioner
University Hospital Center, Brazzaville, Congo 

“What is evident from Francisca's story is her ability to not just survive through challenging situations, but to adapt to them and come out all the stronger (and wiser). Clothed in humor and honesty, Francisca's narrative is informative and enlightening. Her story is not just for teachers thinking about expanding their career skill set by working in China, but for anyone planning to visit the "Middle Kingdom.”

Lynda Davey-Longstreet, Ph.D, B.Ed, TESL, CLB, BTC-NCLC

Settlement Counselor and Language Assessor, Skills for Change

The Naked Educator: How to Survive in the Middle Kingdom is an eye-opener about the author's intriguing journey in China. Her experience was so impactful that she wants expatriates traveling to China to be cognizant of certain aspects of the Chinese culture. The saying, to be forewarned is to be forearmed, applies here. The book is replete with successful, character-building stories. It is a must read!"

Dr. Nicoline Ambe

Parent Education Speaker & Trainer
Amazon #1 Bestselling Author
Helping Parents Raise High Achievers!

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The Naked Educator: How to Survive in the Middle Kingdom

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